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Microscope: AI-driven traffic decomposition

  • Real-time service demand estimation
  • Breaks large traffic aggregates into the service streams active at different locations
  • Lightweight metadata-based, non-intrusive data processing
  • Traffic volume predictions (Netflix, Spotify, etc.) accurate to within 1% of measured data
  • Adaptive solution for intensive traffic analysis
Microscope solution
NetSibulla solution

NetSibulla: AI-assisted uncertainty- and cost-aware forecasting

  • Dedicated neural models learn complex spatiotemporal dependencies
  • Provides operators with supplementary information about the confidence of neural networks" output
  • Anticipates capacity needed to accommodate each service-level flow
  • 100x lower model complexity than state-of-the art
  • Fast training, superior forecasting accuracy

AIDA: AI-Driven business Analytics

  • Business intelligence platform for geo-temporal network analysis
  • Identify congested locations
  • Understand service-level deviations from historical patterns
  • Helps shape service offerings and pricing
  • Underpins targeted marketing
AIDA solution