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Empowering telcos to unlock the value of intelligent networks

AI is transforming our world and businesses. In an era marked by rising energy costs, climate change, and an insatiable demand for uninterrupted, seamless connectivity, we believe that AI is our greatest ally. Staying ahead of the significant changes underway is crucial for any telecommunications company (telco) aiming to stay relevant.

Get the best out of your network

Our easy plug-in Artificial Intelligence software helps drastically reduce energy bills, improves service quality and reduces time-sucking tasks.

Cheaper Energy Bills

AI-driven control logic anticipates exactly how many network resources need to be active at any point in time and at any location.

Better Service Quality

AI-driven anomaly prediction engine identifies unusual patterns across different network performance indicators before incidents emerge.

Lower engineering-related OPEX

Deep insights and automation logic enable network engineers to focus on long term strategic decisions rather than labour-intensive (re-)configurations.

Our solutions

EnergAIze solution

EnergAIze:  AI-driven network energy efficiency

Powered by Net AI’s forecasting technology, EnergAIze controls the number of radio or computing resources needed to accommodate the expected traffic demands. This enables energy savings of up to 50% compared to ‘always on’ policies, without impacting user experience.

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What our partners say about us

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Net AI's Microscope technology fits perfectly into the O-RAN framework, as it gives granular insights into service-wise resource demand, which enables MNOs to determine where to best place network functions and compute units, to meet service requirements in a cost-effective way.

Nigel Stephenson


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